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Nicolas Gauthier


“ To photograph:

it is to put on the same line of sight the head,

the eye and the heart. ”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

NukeTM compositor with over 12 years experience in the VFX world.

The last few years, I had the chance to be more in touch with my creative side, as lookdev artist. The people I worked with and work for have giving me the opportunity to come back to where I come from, creativity.

My experience has given me a comprehensive understanding in all areas of film post-production and visual effects with a strong creative background. I am able to combine artistic and technical understanding. My observational and imaginative abilities give me a strong eye for aesthetic beauty and attention to detail.

My good photographic knowledge associated with experience in a wide range of development methods have made me fast and efficient in technical constraint solving and learning of new skills or softwares.

This allows me to create strong and realistic visual effects. And give the look of a sequence based on the production schedule, technical constraints and match to the creative expectations of the VFX supervisor and clients.